It's a Big Fat Gypsy X Factor audition as Kelly Rowland finds out what grabbing is all about!

Kelly Rowland

The worlds of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and The X Factor collided at this week's London auditions when gypsy wedding singer George Webb tried out for the show. The 27-year-old's audition saw Kelly Rowland introduced to 'grabbing' while Louis admitted to being a big fan of the Channel 4 series!

Speaking about is travelling life, George said he'd stay in his caravan even if he won the show. "It's normal life to me," he told the judges, "It'd be hard not live in a caravan. Nothing would change me one bit."

As a wedding singer for the gypsy community, talk inevitably turned to the hit telly series, with Louis confessing to "loving" watching the show earlier this year. Tulisa meanwhile wanted to know whether he had taken part in the gypsy 'romantic' act of grabbing.


"I've never done grabbing. I've been grabbed. I can do some grabbing now, I can grab you!" he replied.

For US star Kelly however all the chat was going straight over her head (and perfectly immaculate hair, perhaps due to those seven assistants!) "I am scared... where's he gonna grab?" the confused singer asked.

"Well if you see you a girl you sort of put your mark on her," George explained. "Gypsy girls are stubborn so you've got to... it's not forcible, it's not harassing."

Tulisa however had her own description, telling Kelly simply: "He grabs you!"

"Where?" a still misguided Kelly asked.

"Everywhere!" Tulisa informed her.

Finally getting the idea, Kelly finally gave a response to George's offer, telling him: "Ohhh... nuh-uh.... no....."

Let's hope Kelly is more positive about his singing....