Pictures: The X Factor 2011 judges walk the red carpet at London auditions

X Factor 2011 judges

The X Factor 2011 auditions continued at London's O2 Arena today with the judges walking the red carpet as they entered for this morning's session. Read on for pictures of the judges - and more importantly the girls' dresses! - we reckon that neither Kelly nor Tulisa manages to pull it off today!

The pair's bold choices seemed to clash as they entered the 20,000 capacity venue this morning, with Tulisa opting for a kaleidoscope print blue, black and white frock.

Kelly Rowland meanwhile went for a Versace two-piece, perhaps just edging out her N-Dubz co-star, although we're not too sure about the stripes!

One thing is for sure, the pair definitely dressed to stand out from the crowd.

Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland in London

Speaking about their supposed 'fashion rivalry', Tulisa previously said: "We check what colours each other has on before the day, so if she’s wearing white I’ll wear black. I’ll say: ‘I’m well winning the style war today, Kelly,’ and we’ll just laugh about it.”

Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh meanwhile kept it casual as always, with Louis' today opting for a dark blue shirt instead of his favourite pink one.

Inside the venue and another batch of wacky and talented hopefuls took to the stage to play to thousands of awaiting X Factor fans. Some of the auditionees included an Amy Winehouse tribute act who told Louis Walsh she had two beaded dragons when he asked about any pets she had.

Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow in London

Gary Barlow finally took the chance to question Louis on his weird questions, asking him: "What is it with you and pets?"

"I think you can tell a lot about someone from their pets," he explained.

So, what can we conclude from a person who has two bearded dragons? They can sing quite well, it seems.

And what about someone with a pet ferret? In the words of Louis, "You cannot sing at all!"

The X Factor 2011 auditions continue in London tomorrow.

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