Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland blast the Spice Girls as the hunt for new girl group continues

Louis Walsh

X Factor judges Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh hit out at UK super girl group the Spice Girls at yesterday's London auditions, criticising the group for miming and not being able to sing! While former Destiny's Child star Kelly admitted to being a "big fan" of the group, she confessed she'd never heard them sing live!

The pair made the comments following the audition of girl group Dolled Up - made up of Lauren, Georga, Lilly-Mae, Sophie and Alice - who were one of the first acts on the stage at the O2 in the nation's capital yesterday.

The Harrods workers, who have been pals for five years, told the panel they had created the group after a drunken 21st birthday party last September. Saying they were inspired by Spice Girls, the group went on to perform Alexis Jordan's hit Good Girl - but not all the panel were impressed.


"I have to say I'm disappointed," Tulisa told the group, while Gary Barlow said they were "great to watch with the sound turned down."

Louis however fought for the group - at the expense of the Spice Girls. He told his fellow judges: "The spice girls weren't great singers, guys. They were a big group but they weren't great singers."

Kelly meanwhile also complimented the band's style and dancing, saying: "I love that you're inspired by the Spice Girls. I am a very big fan of the Spice Girls myself and one thing I admire is that they always have their look together and their chorography together."

However seeming to agree about Louis with the girls singing, she added: "Now I've never heard them sing live..."

Tulisa however wasn't having any of the excuses, moaning to her panellists: "We're not looking for someone we can autotune!"

The X Factor 2011 auditions continue in London today. The show will air on ITV1 this summer.

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