"Livid" Derek Hough blasts "weak and stupid" Cheryl Cole for going back to Ashley!

Cheryl Cole Blonde hair

Derek Hough has reportedly accused his former girlfriend Chery Cole of 'stringing' him along after she got back with her former husband Ashley. According to heat, Derek blasted the Girls Aloud singer for being "weak and stupid" for going back to the love rat following allegations of him cheating.

According to sources, the dancer phoned Cheryl as she celebrated her birthday last week, but instead of congratulations the pair ended up fighting over Ashley.

“Derek is livid with Cheryl and the way she has treated him over the past year. He told me that he kept quiet for so long while she strung him along, but that he’d finally had enough," a pal said.


“He told me, ‘I asked her what the hell was going on with Ashley, because she’d sworn to me that nothing was happening, but this time she couldn’t hide it and broke down. She admitted that she had to give Ashley another chance or she’d spend the rest of her life regretting it’.”

The source continued: “She admitted that she was still in love with him, he told her what an idiot she was being. Derek said to her, ‘I thought you were a fighter, but by taking him back you show how weak and stupid you really are’.

Oh dear, oh dear.

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