Ashley Cole admits "I've made mistakes" as he and Cheryl 'announce reunion'

Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole has taken part in a rare press interview where he confessed to "making mistakes" but added he just wanted to be judged on his footballing skills. The comments come as he and ex-Wife Cheryl Cole reunite at her birthday party, with sources claiming that X Factor boss Simon Cowell was to blame for the pair splitting up!

A source told The Mirror: "Now Simon is out of the picture it’s paved the way for Cheryl to be with Ashley without awkwardness.”

According to the paper Ashley and Cowell failed to "hit it off" when Cheryl first joined The X Factor back in 2008. It was previously suggested that Simon axed Cheryl from The X Factor USA because she had got back with Ashley, a source said at the time: "She was meant to be concentrating on the American X Factor.

"Simon warned her not to be seduced by ‘Happy ever after’ words from Ashley. He said the Americans would drop her like a hot brick if she allowed such a cheat back into her life. But she didn’t listen.”

Ashley Cole said yesterday he could "understand" the press reports about him, but just wanted to be judged on his footballing. "I've made mistakes. I've just got to live with it," the Chelsea defender said. "But at the end of the day I just want to play football, I'm here to play football. I just wish people would judge me more on football and speak about football more than a life that people don't really know."


An insider added to The Mirror: "He has learned from his mistakes and knows he messed up but he’s ­promised Cheryl he will change. She’s back with the man she loves, despite what others say. He makes her happy and that’s the bottom line.

"The main reason they got back together was because they both realised they wanted to start a family and they could not live without one another. The first time around Cheryl’s career came first, but this time family is her priority. They both want children."

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Watch Cheryl talking about Ashley following claims of him playing away last year below....

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