Cheryl Cole 'wants babies with Ashley Cole' following X Factor USA axe

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole reportedly wants to settle down and start a family with ex-husband Ashley Cole after being faced with an "empty diary" following her X Factor USA axe. According to The Sun, Cheryl has "realised" that there "wasn't much else in her life" other than the reality show!

Cheryl and Ashley were photographed together at the Geordie singer's 28th birthday party on Friday, where Cheryl reportedly performed a "sexy lapdance" for her ex as they reunited with friends and family. Now Cole wants to settle down with her former hubby following their divorce last year.

A source said: "For the first time in nine years Cheryl's looking at an empty diary. After the X Factor USA plans fell apart, she realised there wasn't much else in her life. She realised she had to embrace those closest to her - and Ashley remains the love of her life."


"Cheryl's bloody-minded and has made her decision. Her pals have told her, but she's been stubborn. She just wants to be happy again."

Speaking to the tabloid, a family friend added: "It's done and dusted. They spent the entire weekend together and are properly dating. "They were out Saturday night for drinks, but decided against a late night and went back to Cheryl's early.

"They have drawn a line under everything and are starting afresh. She's already talking about kids and they want a house abroad where they can get away."

But while Cheryl is happy, her friends and Girls Aloud bandmates aren't too pleased with seeing the cheating footballer back in their pal's life. One source said: "Ashley made a point of going up and hugging them, but Nicola [Roberts] pulled back and it was very awkward.

"He tried to make conversation but the girls made it very clear they weren't interested. Later Nicola said goodbye to everyone and purposely skipped Ashley.

"She knows Cheryl's loved-up again, but is clearly finding it very hard to support her decision."

Meanwhile a source close to the pair blabbed to the Daily Star: "Cheryl’s madly in love with him again and happier than ever. She’s glowing and it’s obvious to everyone she’s trying for a baby with Ashley.

“They’ve already spent plenty of nights together recently.”

Cheryl Cole was replaced on The X Factor USA last month by Nicole Scherzinger and snubbed a return to the UK version of the show for more than £2.5 million.

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