Vicar who married Cheryl and Ashley Cole says: I'd love to do it again!

Cheryl Cole

The vicar who married Cheryl and Ashley Cole five years ago this month is reportedly “on standby” to remarry the couple, the Daily Star reliably reports. According to the tabloid, Reverend Keri Eynon is ready to marry the reunited couple as early as July 15th, five years to the day after their first marriage.

The couple divorced last year following claims in the press that England football star Ashley had cheated on Cheryl with a string of woman. Earlier this year however, following Cole’s axe from the US X Factor, it was claimed the pair had reconciled in private having had many “private dates”.

Speaking to the newspaper, Rev Eynon, “gushed” over Cheryl's first wedding and said he reckons the couple are still in love.

“I’ve found that couples who have divorced and remarried have actually strengthened their relationship," he explained. “I hope and pray that the same would be true for Cheryl and Ashley.

“And I would be happy to participate in the same way as before, if I were invited to do the same again.”

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