Jessie J prefers "talented and sincere" Cheryl Cole to Nicole Scherzinger!

Jessie J

British star Jessie J has revealed she prefers "talented and sincere" Cheryl Cole to Nicole Scherzinger. Wading into The X Factor USA battle between the pair of former girl group members, Jessie J described Cole as a "survivor" after being axed from the American show.

“She’s a true survivor,” Jessie tells Buzz magazine this weekend. “Cheryl’s so talented and gets so much s**t. She’s lovely and sincere.” Jessie also admits she thinks Katy Perry is hot! “She’s so fit and has the most amazing face and boobs.”

The fast-rising pop star is the cover star on the magazine, which is available free with tomorrow's The Sun.

Meanwhile Jessie revealed that despite her strong exterior, she’s been through some lows in her past. She says: “Being bullied at school was horrific; it was more about not fitting in... But it is tough for anyone to be called names or have stones thrown at them.”

Jessie also revealed she wants to use her new found fame to raise money... by cutting off her famous fringe! She told Buzz: “I already have a plan and it’s going to involve raising a lot of money... I would like to get rid of my hair completely.”

The singer, who is likely to perform on this year's X Factor live shows, also fascinatingly revealed: “I fart a lot, often in front of people I don’t know very well.”


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