Victoria Beckham tells Cheryl Cole to ignore pals and get back with Ashley!

Cheryl Cole

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has reportedly suggested that Cheryl Cole should “stand by her man” Ashley Cole and reunite with him. The comments come after much press speculation that the Geordie singer will take back her cheating axe aftrer being kicked off The X Factor USA.

Cheryl had blamed Simon Cowell for the pair originally splitting, saying she was "pressured" to divorce the Chelsea footballer in order to succeed in America.

Ashley has also pinned the blame on Cowell, saying that the music mogul had "butted in" on their relationship.

According to Closer magazine, Victoria and Cheryl have been in touch with the singer turned dress designer telling Cole to "follow your heart".

A source told the magazine: "After Cheryl told Victoria that she wanted to give it another go with Ashley and she couldn't go on without him, Posh said, 'Stand by your man! You've got to follow your heart'

"Victoria was very sympathetic when Cheryl admitted she was terrified that Ashley would hurt her again.

"Some of Cheryl's friends have been furious with her, but Victoria was more understanding... Cheryl was relieved that Victoria didn't judge her and just offered positive advice."

Friends and family have been against a reunion however, a source said: "No one wants her to get back with Ashley. They’ve started talking again and friends are terrified she’ll take him back.”

Cheryl is expected to celebrate her birthday tonight with a lavish £20,000 party.

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