Gary Barlow warns X Factor hopefuls: I'm going to be tough on everyone... especially my acts!

Gary Barlow

New X Factor judge Gary Barlow has admitted to being a bit of meanie on the show this year, but said he won't be going easy on any of the hopefuls - let alone those in his category! Speaking as The X Factor 2011 auditions move to their penultimate city, Gary warned that the show was a "serious" task.

"If they're no good I'll say I'm not interested. But I'm going to be tough on everyone, especially the acts I'll be looking after because it's serious, this," he said. "It's bloody hard to make a living in music and I don't want to dress it up for anybody."

Speaking to Time Out magazine, Gary continued: "Our responsibility is to mentor these people properly and we put through the ones that not only deserve a place but are also mentally prepared to take it on.


"They're plucked from nowhere and 'The X Factor' spotlight is bigger than any other. You see the slightest sign they can't deal with that. well you can't use them."

The X Factor 2011 auditions move to London for three days next week but despite the tough schedule along with the show and touring around Europe with Take That, Gary confessed he wouldn't have it ay other way.

Workwise, they're pretty tough those days, but from a mental situation - which I'm often driven by - as I'd sit there in the helicopter being taken from 'The X Factor' to a gig, I'd think, 'This is life at the top, as big as it gets.'," Barlow explained. "You won't find me complaining about that because I know what it's like to be out of work with nobody interested in you, and it's s**t."

The X Factor 2011 airs in August on ITV1.

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