Kimberley Walsh tells people: Leave Cheryl Cole alone!

Cheryl Cole Kimberley Walsh Chim

In scenes that we imagine wouldn't look too out of place in an internet viral video, Cheryl Cole's gal pal Kimberley Walsh has told people to lay off her best friend and to leave her alone. Writing in her own OK! magazine column about Cheryl, Kimberley moaned about the "complete lies" written about the Geordie singer.

"It's kind of weird how people just won’t leave Cheryl alone. It’s relentless and we’re all bored of it," Kimberley said, although our viewing stats would tend to disagree - thousands logged onto our website yesterday to see pictures of Cheryl Cole's new hair!

Kimberley continued: "It’s also really frustrating to hear so many fabrications and complete lies written about her, and especially about her mum Joan too as she is the most harmless person ever and she never interferes in Cheryl’s personal or professional life.

"Some people form an opinion about things they have no idea about."

Kimberley added: "Cheryl has plenty of friends and family around her. She’s very happy and I love her lots."

The Girls Aloud stars will be spending the night together today as Cheryl celebrates her 28th birthday at an exclusive party.

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