French X Factor winner says he was booted from UK version for 'a lack of a sob story'

X Factor 2011

British student Matthew Raymond-Barker, who last night won the French version of The X Factor, has revealed why he reckons he was chucked out of the UK Version. Matthew made it through to the final 100 of last year's contestants at bootcamp, but feels his lack of a sob story cost him.

“Simon Cowell said at the end of my UK audition: ‘You actually do have a good voice.'," Matt explained. "But I guess I didn’t have a story. I think a story can really help you in X Factor in England.

“Sometimes the slow music used to start before the sob story and you’d think, here we go. But there were no sob stories in France.”

The singer won the second series of the struggling French version of the show, and it doesn't look like it'll be back - less than 3 million viewers tuned into the final show, a whopping 10 times fewer than here in the UK. The format has had hit and miss success across the world, with the USA become the latest country to test the format later this year.

Meanwhile Matthew, in France as part of his language course, said he felt his lack of experience in talking French may have actually helped him to win!

“I wouldn’t say I’m completely fluent. I make mistakes, but people think it’s cute – that probably helped me win," he said.

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