Don't be expecting Beverley Knight to appear on The X Factor any time soon!

X Factor 2011

It looks as though Beverley Knight won't ever be joining The X Factor anytime soon, describing the ITV1 singing competition as a "monstrosity" in a recent interview. Promoting her latest album (hmm), Beverley described the latest series of the reality show as "fake".

The 38-year-old told DigitalSpy "A lot of my friends say that I should go on that show, but I don't think I could get into bed with that monstrosity.

"I couldn't ever stand there and effectively tell them how to become a superstar. They won't be, and a huge amount of money will be sunk into them that could have gone to someone who has worked hard for it."

She continued: "I love to give my advice and expertise to artists who are putting in the groundwork, but that show requires a level of fakeness that I couldn't give.

"I'd want to get deep - talk about annunciation and posture - but the TV wouldn't want that! They want pantomime."

It's shame, we previously hoped Beverley would be one of this year's new judges!

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