Everyone is going on about Cheryl Cole's new hair, so here are the pictures

Cheryl Cole Blonde hair

Cheryl Cole's been laying very low since her axe from The X Factor, until yesterday that is, when she stepped out in public and revealed a new, shorter and blonder hair do. The Girls Aloud star is said to be set for a reunion with ex-Ashley Cole as she plans to relaunch herself after flopping in America.

As revealed last week, an injunction had banned photographs of Cheryl being taken by anyone - paparazzi or fans - outside her house and the streets surrounding it until July. Fortunately the Geordie singer took a trip yesterday to the American Embassy in central London - and found herself pictured! Cheryl made the trip to pick up her work visa for the US, all but useless now she's been axed from The X Factor stateside.

"The application had already gone through from when she was doing the U.S. X Factor and it was the final date to complete it otherwise it would have to be done again," a source told the Mail Online. "What’s good is that now she can work in America whenever she wants – so she can still crack the States."


There's been many rumours about exactly what Cheryl is up to now. Everything from her retirement from showbiz, a return to The X Factor in 2012 and a solo tour and third album have been suggested over the past few weeks.

A friend said: "Cheryl has had a long year, everything has really taken its toll. She’s taking some time to work out what she wants to do now. She’s not retiring or giving up showbusiness, she just wants a short break.

"Cheryl is on fine form – she had a very rocky few weeks, but she’s just looking forward to a new year and to celebrating her birthday with her friends tomorrow night.

"It’s a new year, a new look – she wanted a change and she wanted to feel free."

Check out Cheryl's new do on The Mirror front page below. Check out more pictures in the paper tomorrow...

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