Ashley Cole 'to propose again' to Cheryl Cole following X Factor USA fall out

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole's ex husband Ashley Cole is reportedly set to propose to the Girls Aloud star again, following the fallout from The X Factor in America. According to this week's glossy magazines, the Chelsea footballer is set to wow Cheryl with the romantic gesture in a holiday to New York.

The pair split last year following claims of infidelity by Ashley in the press, however recently it's been suggested that the pair actually split because of The X Factor.

Reports have suggested Cheryl felt "pressured" by Simon Cowell to leave Ashley to chase her US dream, while Ashley has accused Simon of "butting" into their relationship.


"Ashley has been Cheryl's rock through this awful time. She is ready to give him another go," a friend told Star magazine this week.

"He's giving her a ring as a token of what he sees for the future. He's not going down to bended new, and doesn't expect miracles to happen overnight. But with the ring he is basically telling her: 'Let's give it another try.'

"He wants it to be very special. He knows he's treated Cheryl appallingly in the past, but he is serious about making a go of it and remarrying her eventually.

Meanwhile friends of the Girls Aloud star have told heat that Cheryl is "keen to get hitched" because "she believes it's the only way that people will accept that being with Ashley is her choice, and move on."

But a source said: "Cheryl is changing her mind constantly"

Meanwhile Carol McGiffin wrote in her Closer column: "In Cheryl's hour of needs it's possibly a case of better the devil you know than the devil you don't. Just as long as Cheryl remembers that love-rat Ashley, and probably always will be, a devil"

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