Cheryl Cole hopes injunction will help her 'retirement from showbusiness'

Cheryl Cole

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole reportedly hopes an injunction which stops people from photographing her will be the first step in her 'retirement from showbusiness'. According to heat magazine, the Girls Aloud star wants out of the public eye after being sacked from the show.

We reported last week how an injunction had banned anyone from photographing the Girls Aloud star "at her home and in the street in 2011"

An insider revealed: "She's not sure she wants anything to do with showbusiness any more.


"She has devoted everything to being famous and she believes it has cost her health, her marriage and her peace of mind. It's time for a change.

"Cheryl has vowed to put her life back together, and for now that does not include any part of the fame game. She has said she's making massive changes to her life."

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The news comes despite reports last week suggesting the singer was set to release a third album and finally go on tour for her fans.

Meanwhile a friend revealed to the magazine: "She said she felt like her whole life had been bugged she was being watched every minute of the day.

"Everyone had an opinion on what she was doing, and on her relationships," the pal added. "She just felt like it had become too much and it was getting to her. She's had so much to deal, with, it's left her head spinning. She wants a simple life now. "

"Cheryl loves the idea of settling down and having a family."

Cheryl was sacked from the US X Factor last month and despite an invitation to return to the UK version of the hit show, she decided to back out of the public eye.

"My feet are happy not to have to wear a pair of high heels," the singer joked about her time out.

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