Cheryl Cole cancels reunion date with Ashley... because there's a serial killer is on the loose!

Cheryl Cole

Oh my, the drama surrounding Cheryl and Ashley Cole simply doesn't seem to end. After allegations of cheating, a divorce, malaria and a rumoured reunion, the pair have now found themselves fearing a serial killer! According to the Daily Star, Cheryl has cancelled plans to go on holiday with her ex over the reports.

The pair had planned to holiday together on America’s Long Island, however a 'paranoid' Cheryl "pulled the plug" on the idea after learning about a murderer was being hunted by cops three miles away.

A friend told the newspaper: “Cheryl found out the whole horrible story while trawling the internet to find out a little bit about the Hamptons and immediately told Ashley to cancel the trip.

“Ashley tried to convince her they’d come nowhere near a serial killer. But Cheryl told him she wouldn’t be able to relax. Ashley is incredibly disappointed as he really felt they needed to be somewhere remote on their own, away from the prying eyes.”

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A source added: “Cheryl’s still in love with Ashley and she wants to give it another go, but there’s an element of playing hard to get.

“She doesn’t want him to think she’s going back to him too easily.”


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