Example says he prefers 'meaty' Nicole Scherzinger to Cheryl Cole!

Nicole Scherzinger

Rapper Example has continued his harsh words against the products of The X Factor, this time blasting "cheesy" Cheryl Cole. The 'Kickstarts' singer told BANG! Showbiz he'd be more interested in working with Cole's rival, 'meaty' Nicole Scherzinger.

Saying former X Factor judge Cheryl was uncool, Example explained: "I'm not really big on duets. I work with cool people. Cheryl Cole, well, there are certain people who.

"I make cool dance music. I don't make cheesy pop stuff. There are some people who I wouldn't work with, not because I've got anything against them but because they're not right."

Instead Example prefers Nicole Scherzinger - who took Cheryl Cole's place on The X Factor in the states earlier this month - because she has more "meat" on her.

He said: "Nicole Scherzinger or Cheryl? Scherzinger. Why? Because she's got a bit more meat on her."

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