Sophie Ellis-Bextor argues The X Factor 'fails to prepare singers for failure'

Leona Lewis

Popstar Sophie Ellis-Bextor has suggested that ITV1 show The X Factor fails to prepare contestants for the music industry. Speaking to the Daily Mail yesterday, the dance singer said that finalists weren't prepared for the inevitable "knocks" during their career.

She said: "The X Factor is great entertainment, but it doesn't prepare people for getting chewed up and spat out by the music industry.

"If you've come out of the other side of that machine and been dropped, it can feel like a very lonely place. The contestants have no experience of it, whereas most regular musicians start with nothing and plug away for a long time on lots of projects that don't go anywhere, so they're prepared for the knocks."

Sophie continued, saying: "I tasted huge success with my first album, and when it’s happening it feels like a roller coaster you can’t get off. You should be very careful about wishing for success on that scale."

The X Factor returns to ITV in August.

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