Sacked X Factor judge Cheryl Cole wants babies with ex Ashley!

Cheryl Cole

The latest gossip about Cheryl Cole's reunion with ex Ashley is that the sacked X Factor judge wants to settle down and have babies with the England footballer! According to The People today, Cheryl was the one to get in contact with her ex after her US dreams failed.

"She wants to follow her heart and do what will make her happy. She doesn’t want to wait till she’s over 30 to start a family. And she thinks Ashley’s the most natural person to be dad to her babies. What’s happening with Ashley is giving her reason for hope," a source said.


Meanwhile Cheryl, who turns 28 this week, told Ashley: "I need your support and love. I know you still love me and are saving yourself for me in the hope we can make it work again.

"I'm not at that place yet, but if you're patient I think we can make it work."

The pair have been having "emotional phone conversations" with each other since Cheryl left The X Factor USA last month. In one, she apparently told him: "Please give me a little more time. I need to know for sure I'm doing the right thing, babe."

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A source close to the Chelsea defender explained: "She wants to think about getting a boyfriend and having a family while she is still young that has always been one of her main goals in life.

"Now Simon isn't around, he reckons he’s in with his best chance ever. While Ashley admits his behaviour led to the end of the marriage, he partly blames Simon for butting into Cheryl's life."

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