The man who accuses Louis Walsh of groping him 'regularly beat girlfriend'

The X Factor

When it comes to anything related to The X Factor, it's never straight forward. It's been revealed today that the man who has accused Louis Walsh for groping him in a toilet club toilet has more than a nasty streak himself, with an ex-girlfriend claiming the 24-year-old regularly beat her.

The single dad claims that X Factor judge Louis groped his private parts in a night club in Ireland following a Westlife concert in April. The accuser however doesn't sound like the most upstanding member of society, with his ex revealing: "He was like a big shot because he had been awarded over 800,000 for burns he received to his arms when he was a child.


"He would turn up driving flashy cars and dressed of the best. I fell for the charm."

The ex also claimed that the man, who cannot be named, regularly 'battered her'. She told News Of The World: "The beatings happened at least once a week. Nearly every Thursday night I was guaranteed to get a beating. It was almost like a habit for him.

"He was shouting and bawling at me that I was a tramp and he was going to kill me. He got 120 hours community service, which was very light, but at least I got some peace from him.

"The first time I heard about him since then was when he began making allegations against Louis," she added.

Louis told the newspaper last night: "It didn't happen so therefore there is no case to answer and I am extremely angry that someone is trying to tarnish my name.

"I am hoping that this matter will be resolved as quickly as possible".


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