Cheryl Cole blames Simon Cowell for 'pressuring' her to divorce ex-husband Ashley

Cheryl Cole

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is set to make a shock return to her ex-husband Ashley Cole following her sacking from The US X Factor. The Geordie singer, who is considering a return to The X Factor here in the UK next year, reportedly told him: "I should never have divorced you".

According to News Of The World, Cheryl has blamed X Factor boss Simon Cowell for pressuring her into leaving the football star after allegations of cheating emerged in the press.

"Cheryl has told Ashley she felt pressured, with managers, Simon, Derek, friends, family and the public making it clear staying was untenable," an insider revealed to the paper. "Simon told her she'd have no career in America if she did. Well look at how that's turned out."


A source told the tabloid: "Cheryl's friends know it's a case of when and not if she will go back to him. She has got to the point where she doesn't care whether other people think she's mad.

"She wants to follow her heart and do what will make her happy. But she has to sort out her life first."

Speaking about spending time with her ex earlier this month, Cheryl told friends: "For the first time I felt normal again. It was as if we'd wound the clock back two years. "I felt happy for the first time in a long time."

Meanwhile a friend of Ashley's blamed Cherylf for the break up, saying: "Her career always came first - with Girls Aloud then X Factor. He didn't feel he had the emotional support he needed. But if Cheryl takes him back she'll put everything into the relationship. Her career is now far less important to her than starting a family."

A rep for Cheryl has yet to comment on the rumours.

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