Gary Barlow told to stop being so nasty... here's his latest harsh putdowns!

Gary Barlow

New X Factor judge Gary Barlow has reportedly been told again by show bosses to cut back on his harsh criticisms! According to show sources the Take That has been asked to "tone it down" after one contestant complained about the songwriter's comments.

"It's like Gary's evil twin turned up," an insider told Star magazine. "He's making Simon look like Mary Poppins. When he told singer Pebbles she looked like a man at her Birmingham auditions, you could have hurt a pin drop. She was mortified and immediately complained."

The source added: "There have been complaints over Gary's dressing-downs. He's been asked to tone it down."

Frankly we've loved Gary's put downs, so we compiled a list of our top 5 favourites from the latest round of auditions...

1. I loved you when you came out, you look like a popstar, a great image, a great personality…. but then the voice started.

2. (to an auditionee who had sung Irreplaceable by Beyoncé): I wish you would go to the left, to the left, and keep on going to the left until you’re off the stage.

3. "You're everything this competition doesn't need. You've come on with this look and dyed your hair and it's because you have no talent at all."

4. In minutes and seconds how long did you spend rehearsing that? Or was that performance the rehearsal?

5. There was nothing original, it was just quite an average audition. I don't feel like I'm in the presence of a popstar

The X Factor 2011 starts on ITV1 in August and it's set to be a belter of a series!

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