Cheryl Cole 'nearly announced her retirement' following X Factor USA axe

Cheryl Cole

Sources close to Cheryl Cole have claimed that Cheryl Cole nearly announced her retirement following her axe from the US X Factor. The Geordie singer reportedly ranted to friends that she hated "the world of showbiz and the people in it" after Cowell booted her off the American show.

"Last weekend she nearly put out a statement announcing her retirement," a source blabbed this week. "It sent shockwaves through her management team, but they had to take it seriously as she was so calm and collected about the whole thing.

"She said she didn’t like the world of showbiz and the people in it. she didn't feel comfortable in the spotlight anymore."

Speaking to Reveal, the insider added: "She added that she had more than enough money to retire and do something 'useful'. She even went as far as discussing the wording of a statement."


According to the magazine, Cole was "talked out" of stepping back from the limelight by her new manager, and is now determined to "move on" from the embarrassment.

It was reportedly earlier this week that Cheryl is set to release a new album and tour later this year.

Meanwhile other reports have indicated that Cheryl is considering a return to The X Factor when it returns for the ninth series in 2012.


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