Louis Walsh insists Cheryl is fine thanks to her dogs and Kimberley Walsh!

Cheryl Cole Kimberley Walsh Chim

Louis Walsh has insisted that Cheryl Cole is "fine" after her axe from The X Factor USA, saying that the Geordie singer has been cheered up by her goods and close pal Kimberley Walsh. Speaking to Alan Carr in tonight's Chatty Man, Louis also revealed Cheryl and Simon were talking again.

Louis told how he and Cheryl had been in contact with one another throughout the mess of her sacking from the American show, adding: “Cheryl is fine. She has got her dogs, her mum, Kimberley Walsh.

“She has lots of really good friends around her. I think she and Simon text a bit. I think they’ll make it up. It takes time.”

Louis also took the opportunity to discuss rumours surrounding the Girls Aloud singer getting back with her axe Ashley Cole, he told Carr: “If they get back together that’s their business. If she loves him she should be with him. Ashley used to come down to the show. He was always good fun. I saw a different Ashley.”

The show will air tonight at 10PM on Channel 4.

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