Louis Walsh: I was nearly suicidal following indecent assault accusations

Louis Walsh

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has said that he was "nearly suicidal" when he heard he'd been accused of indecently assaulting a 24-year-old man. Describing the claims, which first came to light yesterday, as a "complete pack of lies", Louis insisted that the alleged 'victim' "won’t get away with it".

Speaking to the Daily Star today, Louis explained: “My name and my good reputation is all I’ve got and that has been besmirched by a complete pack of lies. I was nearly suicidal when I heard what I was being accused of. It’s just been a nightmare.

“The crazy thing is that there’s absolutely not a shred of truth to any of it. I feel sick. I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s all cruel lies and the man behind this won’t get away with it. I’m going to do anything I have to do to clear my name.

“I’m just horrified that my name can be made public and dragged through the mud and yet the man who made this false allegation stays anonymous. Well, time will tell the truth. This is a nightmare and I want it over. It’s all lies. I want people to know this.”


Louis was accused of groping a 24-year-old single father-of-one in a nightclub toilet following a Westlife gig at The Russell Court Hotel in Dublin back in April.

However Louis confirmed: “The truth is I never went near the toilets in the club all night. I did get this person into the nightclub but I went off with my own friends upstairs.

“We left him in an entirely different part of the club, I stayed with a group of other people all night and in the end I got a taxi back to the Four Seasons with two girls to collect my car and I dropped the two girls home.”

Meanwhile the Irish music mogul has revealed his friends and family have been very supportive - including former X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole, as well as Elton John. “Simon Cowell called me, he was brilliant. Sharon Osbourne was on and Cheryl Cole called me," Louis revealed.

He added: “I was meant to be going to Elton John’s charity party in London tonight but Elton called and offered me any support I needed.”

A spokeswoman told the tabloid: “He vigorously denies all of the allegations. If contacted by the police he will willingly co-operate with any investigation.”

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