Nicola Roberts won't perform on The X Factor... because she's scared she'll throw up over the judges!

Nicola Roberts

We'd have thought being part of Britain's biggest girl group would've made Nicola used to performing live to millions of viewers, but it seems as though the now solo star is still nervous! The ginger popstar told this week how she'd be unlikely to make an appearance on The X Factor, saying she's too worried about throwing up on someone.

The singer recently released her debut solo single 'Beat Of My Drum' but it failed to impress on the charts, entering in the Top 30 before dropping out the next week.

The youngest of Girls Aloud at 25, Nicola admitted to being sooo nervous about performing without the other girls, that she was afraid of being sick on someone!

"Imagine if I did it on stage, or worse, all over the panel?" she joked.

Cute Nicola added: "I get so nervous, I'm OK once I'm singing but don't ask me to chat in between - I just can't"

Nicola will release her solo album Cinderella Eyes in November.

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