'Simon Cowell is resentful towards Cheryl Cole,' says psychologist Jo Hemmings

Simon Cowell

Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings has suggested that Simon Cowell is resentful towards Cheryl Cole, saying that the music mogul is "clearly unhappy" with Cheryl following her exit from The X Factor USA at the end of last month. Speaking to new! magazine, Jo gave her view on Simon's explanation.

Speaking about Cheryl's exit previously, Simon said: "The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarrassed her but the truth is I was protecting her."

Analysing Cowell's words, Jo told New!: "Simon clearly shows his resentment that Cheryl appears to be ungrateful for all his help, that she believes she is capable of something he doesn’t fully believe and that by wasting the opportunities he has given recently she is effectively 'biting the hand that feeds her.

"He feels he recognised that Cheryl was out of her comfort zone on the US X factor - she was withdrawn and quiet and that she wasn't ready for it given her recent personal difficulties. he clearly regrets having made the decision, but has also made a huge personal effort to bring her back of the UK show.

Jo added: "Simon is clearly unhappy that, in spite of his generosity and efforts to repair the situation, he appears to have been ignored or refused."


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