Nadine Coyle says Cheryl Cole "got way too big for her boots"!

Nadine Coyle

Looks like that Girls Aloud reunion is set to be just a little awkward, with Nadine Coyle suggesting that Cheryl Cole got "too big for boots", adding that the Geordie singer shouldn’t have ever been a judge on the US version. The Irish singer went on to claim people didn't know "the real Cheryl"

“I have more talent in my little finger. Why would I be jealous of a failure?" Nadine is quoted by the magazine as being overhead as saying this week. “Cheryl got way too big for her boots. She thought she could walk on water and had to learn the hard way that things don’t always work out as planned. People don’t know the real Cheryl like I do.”


The 'spy' continued: “When Cheryl got the US X Factor job, Nadine couldn’t understand why. Even when Cheryl got the UK X Factor job, Nadine thought it was ironic, as she had always felt she was the ‘best singer in the band’.

"What frustrates Nadine the most is that people don't recognise her. She's an accomplished songwriter and co-wrote her solo album. It annoys her that people see Cheryl - not her - as a massive superstar.

“Nadine was being quite hard and really letting rip about her feelings. As the conversation turned towards Cheryl’s recent sacking, Nadine said it was for the best and that Cheryl would have been ‘out of her depth on the US X Factor’.”

In her rant, the 26-year-old blasted Cole's vocals, revealing how she would have to record tracks FIVE times before getting the right note.

The insider added: “Nadine feels it’s her time. She has said she’ll be ‘bigger than Cheryl could ever dream of being’. And she isn’t going to let anyone stand in her way.”

Meanwhile a friend told heat about poor Chezza: "She's still in a fragile state at the moment and really doesn't feel up to doing anything."

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