Cheryl Cole only has Kimberley Walsh for company as friends and family abandon her!

Cheryl Cole Kimberley Walsh Chim

Cheryl Cole is said to be "devastated" after friends and family abandoned the 27-year-old as she grew closer to taking back her love-rat ex-Husband Ashley Cole. According to The Sun only specially close friend Kimberley Walsh has stuck by the Geordie singer's side!

It was claimed yesterday that Cheryl Cole has "spun a web of deceit" amid suggestions she was back with Ashley, having lied to Simon Cowell, her agent and even her own mum.

Today her mum Joan is reported to have warned her: "You've made your bed with Ashley, now you have to lie in it."

Joan added to friends: "I've washed my hands of the whole mess."


Even the singer's new manager is said to be "furious" that Cheryl is now being linked back to Ashley, from whom Cheryl divorced last year following claims in the press about him cheating.

A friend blabbed: "She is blinded by the hope of a future with Ashley. Her mum has told her there's nothing more she can do. And is demanding to know what's going on.

"Cheryl feels everyone has abandoned her. Her only friend is Kimberley - and sadly, Ashley."

An American source meanwhile claimed that show bosses on The X Factor USA were glad they had got rid of the Girls Aloud star. An insider revealed: "Everyone's breathing a sigh of relief. They were convinced to take on Cheryl by Simon Cowell but were uncomfortable with the choice from the start."


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