Cher Lloyd encourages singers to audition for The X Factor

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd has encouraged singers to try out for The X Factor this year, saying it will help them learn a lot about themselves. The 17-year-old, who finished fourth in last year's show, added however that the process wasn't as easy as some critics make out.

"You get so much from it, even if you don't to get through to the live shows there's so much to learn from it," Cher said. "I know that sounds cheesy but I learned a lot about the way people view me and how I need to progress on my vocals."


Cher continued: "Many people see it as an easy way through but it's not, it's like 10 years of trying to make it all in that short time."

But the singer confessed she wasn't sure whether she would have auditioned this year with no Simon Cowell on the panel

Asked if she would've returned to the series if she hadn't make last year's finals, Cher replied: "I'm not sure because Simon ain't there. I wanted to get Simon's opinion... he's the main man... but I probably would've."

The teenager, who releases her debut single Swagger Jagger at the end of next month, also admitted to finding it hard to come to grips with her as a popstar. "I don't understand it..." she said.

"Sometimes I get up in the morning and I'm thinking how did this happen to me? You look at the people around you and the fans and the fan mail... sometimes I sit there in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and think 'I don't get it, why do these people like me?'"

Cher added: "I'm trying to let it in bit by bit because I don't want to get suffocated by all the madness."

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