Sharon Osbourne thinks Dannii Minogue was "f***ing thrown" from The X Factor

Sharon Osbourne

Former X Factor judge Shaorn Osbourne has said that she thinks that Dannii Minogue was thrown off the show rather than left on her own accord. The America's Got Talent judge, who left the series in 2008 after a feud with Dannii, also said she was still on "really good" terms with Simon Cowell.

Speaking to Perez Hilton, Sharon said: "I don't think she was pushed. I think she was f***ing thrown."

Perez added: "I think something shady went down there though. Like the excuse was about her being on ″Australia's got Talent″. I think she might have been pushed out. I'm not sure exactly what happened."

The flame haired talent show judge also revealed that didn't understand why Cheryl Cole had been the boot from the US show.

"[The producer had] been over to England so many bloody times watching that show," she said, "He knew what he was getting before she got here. So that's what I don't understand either."

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