Simon Cowell's mum says Cheryl was unfair to blame him after her X Factor sacking!

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell's mum has said that Cheryl Cole unfairly blamed him for her being sacked from The X Factor USA. 86-year-old Julie, who regularly joins Cowell on set of his reality shows, told The Sun today that Cheryl got ahead of herself after being invited to join the show.

"I think Cheryl does blame Simon unfairly for what has happened," Julie told the newspaper. "I think she got very excited about everything that was going to happen in America, as anyone would do.

"For some reason, the Americans didn't want her. There wasn't anything Simon could do about that. It isn't Simon's fault. But I think she had built it up and is now very disappointed."

Meanwhile it's been claimed this morning that Cheryl "spun a web of deceit" by lying about getting back with ex-husband Ashley Cole to Simon Cowell, her agent and even her own mum!

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