Did Simon Cowell axe Cheryl Cole when she got back with Ashley?

Cheryl Cole

It's been nearly a month since Cheryl Cole was axed from The X Factor USA and today sees yet another version of events of exactly what went on - and a rather controversial account, too. According to The Sun today, Cheryl reuniting with her ex-husband Ashley played a part in her axe.

The newspaper claims that the pair have been getting back together for the past few months, having finally reunited in their old marital home last week. "The couple did not have sex," the newspaper is seemingly delighted to inform us.

The tabloid says that Cheryl "spun a web of deceit", including lying to her agent, Simon Cowell and family friends about the relationship.


A pal blabbed: "For months those closest to Cheryl have pleaded with her not to start seeing Ashley again. She promised them the relationship was over. But it was a lie, she still has feelings for him. And from her point of view, he was there for her when everyone else, even Simon, seemed to turn their back.

"She was meant to be concentrating on the American X Factor. Simon warned her not to be seduced by 'Happy ever after' words from Ashley. He said the Americans would drop her like a hot brick if she allowed such a cheat back into her life. But she didn't listen."

But in another twist, a friend close to Cheryl pinned her axe from the US version of The X Factor on the pair getting even closer together. "None of this would have happened if she hadn't lost the X Factor gig," the friend explained. "She has gone from being incredibly busy to having time on her hands. She has been thinking a lot and was feeling extremely vulnerable when she went to Ashley's."

According to the a passenger on a flight with Ashley Cole, the footballer told Cheryl: "I love you. Don't worry. We'll be together soon."

The passenger added: "He was being so soppy, telling her how much he loved her, over and over. It was sickly sweet. He didn't want to put the phone down."

Meanwhile a friend revealed that Cheryl is planning to quit showbiz forever and move abroad with Ashley when he retires from the game in a few years' time. The pal said: "Ashley has got his claws in and Cheryl is seriously considering if they have a future.

"She knows the British public wouldn't accept a reunion. She has to decide between a career here or love abroad. He'll only be playing a few more years and suggested living abroad and starting a family. It's tearing her apart." Cheryl has not been seen in public since Cowell dumped her from the US X factor five weeks ago."

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