Wall of Fame star David Walliams says he'll be an X Factor judge (if he can sit next to Simon Cowell!)

Simon Cowell

Wall of Fame star David Walliams has joked that he'd love to judge on The X Factor - but only if he can sit next to Simon Cowell! The Come Fly With Me actor told Heat magazine last week however that he wasn't sure on judging people's talent.

"I'd take part in The X Factor if I could have the seat next to Simon," the comic said, "That would be my condition. I'd like to be in the Cheryl Cole seat. He usually has the person he fancies sitting next to him."

The 39-year-old, who was reportedly in talks last year to judge on Britain's Got Talent, confessed he wasn't sure about being critical over others' talent.

He said: "But I actually don't know if I could judge people's talent. I don't know if I've got enough talent myself. I still think I'd find it hard to say no to people.

"Simon didn't ever need to be liked whereas a performer generally wants the approval of the public, especially if you're a comedian. So if you have to say no and start getting booed by audiences, it can be tricky. But I don't know, maybe one day I'll do one."

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