Tulisa wants to mentor the groups after discovering 'Young Take That' in Manchester

Tulisa Contostavlos

"I want to mentor the groups" is not a phrase you'll often here any of our X Factor judges saying, at least until last week anyway. N-Dubz star Tulisa seemed more than impressed with a boy group in last week's Manchester auditions, which have been dubbed a 'young Take That'

The four from Manchester, who are all in their twenties, said that the band was now their full time job with the group doing gigs in-between writing their own songs. Saying they wanted to be as big as Take That, they burst into a performance of their own song, not often a good idea on The X Factor - but it paid off.


Describing the group as "incredible", Gary Barlow raved: "We've never had a band that's won the X Factor but I think we've got a great chance now."

Speaking her fellow judges, Kelly Rowland was over the moon witht he performance, finally managing to utter: "Can you imagine what they'll be like when the live shows get here?" in-between cries of "Oh my gosh!"

Tulisa meanwhile went further in her praise, telling the boys: "I've never seen a boy group come out here and do what you've just done. You're cute and you've made me change my mind.... I want to mentor the groups! I want you four!"

Louis Walsh went on to describe the group as "everything" he wanted to find in an X Factor group.

While things are looking up for the boy groups however, good girl groups are once again thin on the ground. No fewer than five girl groups were turned away by the panel last week, with many deemed being not strong enough for the live shows.

We just hope they find at least one by the end of the auditions!

The X Factor 2011 try-outs continue at the end of the month in June in Cardiff. The show will return to ITV1 in August and from what we've seen it's shaping up to be one of the best series yet.

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