Alexandra Burke defends Cher Lloyd in Twitter war of words with Example!

Alexandra Burke

There's nothing better than a good Twitter war between this popstars, and it seems Example is trying his best to get on the wrong end of the UK's biggest female stars. Not content with slagging off Cher Lloyd and The Saturdays, the rapper later turned his attention to former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

Following the leak of Swagger Jagger last week, Example moaned: "Cher Lloyd's single has been leaked. The biggest crime since she got a record deal."

Meanwhile on The Saturday's, he complained: "The Saturdays 'Notorious' says "im a gangsta on the dancefloor" this suggests they just stand there in sunglasses holding a champagne bottle [sic]"


And earlier today the 29-year-old joked: "My PR age is 24. Everyone has a different age for the media. Alexandra Burke is actually 41."

However an annoyed Alexandra Burke took a stand for herself and fellow pop princesses, telling Example: "I'm all about the love&positivity in this industry... But what I HATE is when celebs hate on 1another..We should all be supporting 1another [sic]"

She added: "If you want my # I will gladly give it 2 u so we can have this out. Tired of ur constant bitching !
you don't even know me. Don't bitch about me -BITCH2ME!! No need for the rudeness. U won't go far in life if u carry on.

"I have no time for people like you. Grow up and grow some damn balls & say what U need to say to me ! &DONE!!! I will pray4 u mate

"take a look in the mirror and look at urself real GOOD! Stop hating on other artist. Learn to support people - KMFT! [sic]"

Rochelle from The Saturday's added: "silly silly boy! Grow a pair!!x"

The dry witted rapper however hit back at the girls, saying: "Can we all just sit down together and just be friends. I'll write you some good songs.

"This beef between me Alexandra Burke and The Saturdays is really kicking off. Don't they realise when boys are mean it means you fancy them."

Example then told Rochelle: "My arena tour is next april, I need some miming dancers, you free?"

We've got a feeling this is going to run and run...

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