Will.i.am stops Cher Lloyd from using his tracks after Cheryl Cole's axe!

Cheryl and will.i.am

Looks like there's more bad news for Cher Lloyd as she gears up for the release of her debut album, with Black Eyed Peas star holding back his tracks from being used by the youngster. According to The Mirror's Dean Piper, Will.i.am is refusing to clear the tracks he helped to write and produce after Cheryl was axed from the US X Factor.

As well as a long term friend, Cheryl is also one of will.i.am's management clients, with the global star having negotiated her original deal for the American show.

A source said: “Will wanted to sign Cher from the get go and work on her career – but she signed to Modest Management because of what her contract said after the show. So he was miffed to start with.


“Now with everything that’s happened to Cheryl, and the fact he’s now managing her too, he’s decided to play hardball with Syco. He’s refusing to send the track into them and they just don’t know what’s happening.

“The track they made was huge and Cher was counting on it being a single and it all looks like it is going to have to be pulled the way things stand. Will is point black refusing to let Syco even have the song – let alone use it.”

Cher's debut single Swagger Jagger was leaked earlier last last week, and recieved less than favourable reviews from the press. The full single will get its official release later this week instead.

“It isn’t fair on Cher with what Will.i.am is doing right now," the insider continued, "He doesn’t seem worried about Cher at all. He’s just annoyed about what’s happened with Cheryl – and it’s very unfair to be making Cher pay for all of what has happened.”

Simon Cowell's record label Syco who look after Cher last night declined to comment!

To some extent we reckon the lack of Will.i.am on the album could be a good thing for Cher...

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