Paloma Faith wouldn't judge The X Factor... because of the 'hatred' aimed the judges!

Paloma Faith

British singer Paloma Faith has admitted that she doesn't want to judge on The X Factor - because of the hatred aimed at the show's panelists! The red haired performer also told BANG! Showbiz last week that she didn't feel 'valid' enough to criticise contestants.

“I’ve always said to myself I wouldn’t ever judge ‘The X Factor’ because I just don’t think I’m emotionally-equipped to deal with all the hatred that people have to deal with," Paloma explained.

“I hate the way people have to make themselves feel valid on the show, when my opinion is actually pretty in-valid.”

The 'Upside Down' singer added: “In 10 years, I’d like to know that my career was long-term.

“It always feels very fickle, this industry. I just want to sustain a successful career and not be so chaotic.”

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