Cheryl didn't want to go backwards by returning to The X Factor UK, says Louis Walsh

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole

The X Factor judge Louis Walsh has revealed that Cheryl Cole didn't return to The X Factor here in the UK because she didn't want to go backwards. Speaking to The Mirror, the Irish music mogul said he had been in contact with the Girls Aloud star and said she was looking to settle down.

Geordie singer Cheryl was given the boot from the US version of The[ad#ArticleAdRight250] X Factor after just four audition shows last month. Simon Cowell confirmed that she was offered a place back on the UK show but declined to take up the offer.

Louis Walsh said yesterday : “I got to know the real Cheryl. I thought it would work for her in America. It wasn’t anyone’s fault it didn’t. It’s a different planet and she’s not as tough as people think. She’s tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside.


“She didn’t take up the offer to come back to the UK panel because she probably didn’t want to go backwards."

Meanwhile Louis said that he and Cheryl have been in contact since her axe, joking about the whole situation.</p

He said: “On the first day of auditions for The X Factor, I text her, saying: “They’re going to ask me what am I looking for in the contestants this year.

“She replied: ‘Tell them you’re looking for a new Cheryl Cole.’ We had a good laugh about that.’”

Louis Walsh added: "I know she wants to do music, she wants to dance. I’m sure she wants to settle her life down, she’s been working hard for the past ten years.”


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