Alan Carr says he thinks Cheryl Cole is being used!

Cheryl Cole

Chatty Man star Alan Carr has said he thinks Cheryl Cole is being used on The X Factor! The comic told The Sun's Buzz magazine this week that he feels sorry for the Girls Aloud star, adding he couldn't wait to get her back on his chat show!

Alan revealed to the magazine he would love Cheryl Cole back on Chatty Man as he wants to know the truth behind all the gossip between Simon and her. “I feel sorry for her about the X factor thing, she’s just coming across as being used," he tells the magazine.

The buzz cover star for this week added that he’s ready to let his chat show off the leash on Friday nights – so watch out Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady. But there are no hard feelings from the comedian. “At the end of the day, it’s only a television show."

Alan Carr

But Alan revealed he was trying not to hit back at criticism aimed at him on social networking website. He says: “I’m learning not bite back at nasty comments when I’ve had a drink. I tend to say ‘Well, you’ve only got two followers, go f**k yourself’.”

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