Louis Walsh says he misses 'loyal' Simon Cowell on The X Factor!

Louis Walsh

We've always known that Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell have had a special relationship and it seems as though being separated by the Atlantic isn't doing any of them any favours! Nicole Scherzinger previously revealed that Simon was pinning after Louis in the states, and now Louis has said he misses the music mogul too!

“I miss Simon’s banter and his fun because he knew how to wind me up," Louis told the Daily Mail today. "I learned so much from Simon about how to make it real and be honest and not be boring. People don’t know the nice side of him. They think he’s contriving, but he’s a really good man.


“He’s incredibly loyal, never curses, doesn’t raise his voice, likes animals and he’s good to his mother. They’re all the good things. He’s also got a massive ego. He’s vain, he’s arrogant, but that’s what makes him different. He’s got great instincts, about people and fame, and he never goes for the obvious.”

Louis added: "He's a perfectionist and works hard, but for all his success, he hasn't changed. He doesn't even dress well. The hairstyle, the flares, a bit of heel. The odd bit of Botox. But he needs it; he's 51 and it's called maintenance."

But while Louis does miss the big X Factor boss, he admitted the new panel has brought a whole "new energy" to the reality megahit.

“It’s like a whole new energy has been brought too ‘The X Factor’ with the new judges," he explained. “We’ve already found some incredibly talent in just a few days of auditions."

X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger previously revealed: “I don’t think Simon is coping without Louis. He’s missing him now that he’s not sitting near Louis on the judging panel.”

The X Factor 2011 auditions continue in Cardiff at the end of the month.

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