Talent shows "a form of bullying" claims comedian Lee Mack

Paul Burling

British stand-up comic Lee Mack has claimed that talent shows such as Britain's Got Talent are a form of bullying. The 42-year-old funny man suggested that programmes existed mainly to mock the untalented rather than praise those with genuine skills.

Mack told What's On Tv: "Talent shows are a form of bullying... It’s like throwing tomatoes at people in the stocks. For every person whose talent we’re celebrating, we’re mocking five more"

The 'Not Going Out' star found himself involved in a row with Australia's Got Talent last month after a semi-finalist in the show was revealed to have copied material from his 2007 tour.

"A guy ripped off my act on Australia’s Got Talent... I don’t feel angry about it," he said, "If you want to be a comedian and you’ve gone on national television with material you’ve stolen, you’ve already shot yourself in the foot."

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