Louis Walsh says it's time to "move on" from Cheryl Cole... before hitting out at her fashion sense!

Cheryl Cole

The X Factor 2011 judge Louis Walsh has told fans and viewers of the show that it's time to move on from Cheryl Cole and focus on the new panel. Speaking to The Mirror however the Irish music mogul couldn't but get one last dig in at the Girls Aloud star!

“Let’s all move on," he told the newspaper. "Saying that though, I was thinking about turning up for auditions with purple flares and huge hair..."

The Geordie singer was booted off of the US X Factor after just four audition shows and failed to reach an agreement with ITV in order to return to the UK version of the reality megahit.

New judges Kelly Rowland, Gary Barlow and Tulisa Contostvalos have been brought in to give the panel much-needed reboot - and in our view they've all been brilliant. Louis Walsh however seemed to have his favourite...

“Tulisa has been through a lot but she has a real good head on her shoulders," he told the newspaper. "It’s crazy to think she is only 22. The connection between us is completely real and we’re so tight."

Louis, Tulisa, Gary and Kelly are currently in Manchester for the latest round of X Factor 2011 auditions.

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