Gary Barlow embarrasses one auditionee by getting her breaths and breasts mixed up!

Gary Barlow

Take That star Gary Barlow was left red faced at yesterday's Manchester auditions after a slip of the tongue saw him tell one auditionee she had big breasts! Gary made the gaffe following the performance by the contestant at Manchester's EventCity arena.

After singing their song, Gary told the hopeful: "You have such big and deep breasts... breaths between your lines" to laughs from the audience.

Despite the mix up however the wannabe didn't seemed to be too displeased with the comment from the singer, and it was a yes from the usually hard to impress man band star too!

Louis Walsh meanwhile couldn't help but poke fun at the mistake, telling the now giggling singer: "You've got very, very, very big br... yes from me!"

It wasn't the only line of Gary that had the audience laughing, the surprisingly quick witted judge told one hopeful after they performed Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable': "I wish you went to the left, to the left... and kept going on going left until you were off the stage."

Gary Barlow returns to Manchester today for the last round of auditions in the city.

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