Gary Barlow lookalike auditions for The X Factor... but is blasted for being unoriginal!

Gary Barlow

A Gary Barlow lookalike who performs in Take That tribute band Fake That auditioned for The X Factor yesterday, we can reveal. Good looking Ashley Crow belted out Gary's hit Love Ain't Here Anymore - but the judges blasted the lad for being unoriginal.

Gary told him: "You have impeccable taste in music. You look amazing. It's just like looking in a mirror!"

Tulisa however wasn't convinced, saying: "I'm not sure if there's room for another Gary. There's only one Gary Barlow."

Defending himself however Ashley said he was he wasn't trying to impersonate the man band star.

"Well... you look like him, you're dressed like him, you sing like him and you're singing a Gary Barlow song," an unimpressed Tulisa replied.

The judges did however give the crooner another chance to audition with a different song.

The X Factor 2011 auditions today at EventCity in Manchester. More than 5,000 fans braved the rain at yesterday's event, which saw some of the best talent this year.

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