Cheryl Cole "really happy" not to be on The X Factor anymore

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is reportedly "really happy" not to be on The X Factor in either the US or UK anymore, claiming that no job is better than a job with Simon Cowell as boss! According to News Of The World today, Cheryl sees her decision (?!) to quit as the right one.

Cheryl was given the boot off of The X Factor USA last month and was then snubbed by ITV for the UK version of the show after reportedly requesting a £2.8 million fee to return.


News Of The World claim the Girls Aloud singer said: “I’m actually really happy not to be on the show now. It was definitely the right decision for me. I was so badly mucked around by Simon and everyone involved. I don’t want that in my life any more. I’m better off without it.

“I’ll make my own decisions now and not have to be dependent on someone else. I’ve moved on. I’m loving being home and being back in Britain. It feels right for me right now. I have no idea what I’m going to do next. But I don’t mind."

And in some brilliant PR spin, Cheryl claimed she never even wanted to be famous in America anyway!

“Nobody realises this but I never actually had this great dream to break the States," she allegedly said. "It was Simon [Cowell] who encouraged me to take the job there. If I never come famous in America then that’s fine with me.”

Meanwhile it appears as though Cheryl's replacement in Nicole Scherzinger is doing a good job, with Simon Cowell said to be "smitten" with the former Pussycat Doll.

A source told The Mirror: "He’s ­smitten in the same way he was with Cheryl when she first appeared in X Factor two years ago.”


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