New X Factor producers to turn the show into 'new Big Brother'?

X Factor 2011 judges

This year's series of The X Factor sees some new behind the scenes execs - and according to the Daily Star they want to see the show mixed up a bit. The tabloid claims that bosses want to make use of hidden cameras to capture any backstage drama.

According to the newspaper, footage from the secret devices will be captured 24/7 and broadcast in a new special spin-off show.

“We’re exposing everything," a source told the newspaper this morning. "The contestants know they are being filmed at all times but by putting the cameras out of sight they might drop their guard.”

Another change willl see the judges put in charge of the contestants' appearance as well as their song selection.

The source added: “It’s a bit like America’s Next Top Model. The judges will decide if they want a contestant to dye their hair or chop it all off. I’m sure there will be disagreements, especially in Louis’ group!”

We can't but feel this is just bit of lame promotion of Big Brother from the Star...

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