Louis Walsh blasts 'reject' Jai McDowall saying: "He should never have won"

Jai McDowall

Judge of The X Factor Louis Walsh has blasted Britain's Got Talent 2011 winner Jai McDowall, saying that the Scottish singer will never be a success. In a rant to the Daily Star today, Louis also said the 24-year-old was simply "not a star"

Jai, who scooped the top prize of £100,000 prize after winning last weekend, previously auditioned for The X Factor but only made it as far as bootcamp.

Louis moaned: “Jai isn’t going to be a massive success – he hasn’t got any star quality at all. He won’t have chart success and within a year or so he’ll be forgotten. He’s not a star – he was a boring winner.


“Last year we had him on X Factor but we kicked him out at boot camp and there was a reason for that. At the end of the day, he’s an X Factor reject and he’s not going to sell records.

“He would never win X Factor because he’s not a star.”

But Louis wasn't over there with his complaints, going on to say the public made the wrong choice!

“There’s no way Jai should have won – it should have been Ronan. He is the one with the talent and the star quality to become a recording artist," Louis told the newspaper.

“I knew Ronan would be a star as soon as I saw him at his audition. But Jai doesn’t thrill me at all and I can’t see him being in the industry for long.

“The public might have voted for him to win but that doesn’t always mean an act will sell records. Just look at Steve Brookstein or Leon Jackson – they didn’t work out. It was the same with Michelle McManus after she won Pop Idol.

“And Joe McElderry won X Factor but just didn’t sell records when it came down to it. Jai’s pop career won’t work, just like Joe’s didn’t.”


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