Look out Simon Cowell! Ashley Cole is after you in a bid to win back Cheryl!

Cheryl Cole

Simon Cowell better watch his back, but it's not a fear of meeting Cheryl Cole in a night club toilet he needs to worry about. According to The Mirror, Cheryl Cole's ex Ashley Cole is "livid" with Simon Cowell and hopes he can win Cheryl back by helping her out of her current low.

“Ashley is pushing back into Cheryl’s life and she likes it," a source told the tabloid this week. “The fact she’s got her man back involved and caring is picking her up and giving her strength and confidence.

“Ashley has been advising Cheryl on how to handle her knock. Ashley is livid with Simon and is turning Cheryl against him and winding her up.


“He’s furious Simon turned on her when she invested so much in going to the States, and is upset that she has been humiliated across the world."

The insider added: “Ash has told her to turn away from Simon and stand on her own two feet without turning to him as mentor and adviser.”

Meanwhile a source blabbed to the Daily Star on Friday: "He's told her: 'No TV for a few months, lie low, take a holiday, spend time getting strong, getting to grips with the situation - and then make a musical comeback.'

"Ashley is urging her to do a duet with Rihanna and other Will.i.am contacts, and bring out a single which will get her known in the States, turning round her image."

The pair divorced last summer following allegations that Ashley had been cheatig on the Girls Aloud star.


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